MicroElectronics Training, Industry and Skills

METIS is bridging the skills gap in the microelectronics sector for a more competitive Europe. The Sector Skills Alliance, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, brings together a consortium of 19 key partners to develop skills intelligence deliver the METIS curriculum and training and promote microelectronics as a career choice.

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The METIS consortium offers curricula, training content, and courses in the 4 main areas of microelectronics. Many members of the METIS consortium have contributed to the Catalogue to ensure that it is relevant for participants who are interested in the Microelectronics industry.

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The consortium



involved in the validation of the training


Memoranda of Understanding

for the recognition of the training



using the METIS platform in the duration of the project


VET providers

adopting the METIS curriculum



in the Observatory & Skills Council

METIS Consortium Meeting in Budapest – Update

METIS consortium members met in Budapest between August 30st and September 1st to give updates on their respective work packages and to foster discussions on achieving the goals of METIS and next steps. The programme began with a social event…

METIS Consortium Video Testimonials

The METIS consortium is composed of 18 partners who represent industry, industry associations, formal educational providers and regulatory bodies in the field of accreditation and certification, in the Microelectronics sector. With such an eclectic group, we wanted to showcase our…

METIS Consortium Meeting in Budapest

We are delighted to announce that METIS consortium members will be meeting in Budapest later this week. Hosted by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, these meetings provide a great platform for our members to share their work on the…

Event: METIS Final Results and the launch of the European Chips Skills Alliance

It is our pleasure to invite you to the final event of the METIS project: Advancing Skills and Talent in the Semiconductor Industry – Final Results and the launch of the European Chips Skills Alliance due to take place in…

Join the EU Digital Future Forum Webinar

We are delighted to invite you to attend the EU Digital Future Forum Webinar, taking place on November 6, at 9am CET. The webinar will feature speakers not only from METIS but also from other EU-funded projects in the industry…

Join the European Chips Skills Alliance

The METIS consortium has the ambition to develop a sustainable structure for collaboration and is currently setting out a long-term action plan for the skills development of the microelectronics industry, driven by industry and academia.  In support of this, the European Chips Skills Alliance…