METIS Survey Successfully Concluded

The goal of the METIS Microelectronics skills strategy is to provide up-to-date skills intelligence by analyzing the skills demand  with inputs from the industry  and mapping the current skills challenges for employers,  assessing the skills supply, investigating the current education and training provision, highlighting skill mismatches between the industry needs and the current educational provision, defining jobs of the future and monitoring trends in skill needs,  to develop foresight scenarios, thus creating an action plan with  targeted measures for the  implementation of the strategy.

To achieve the best representation of the sector, a broad survey was carried out by the METIS project, with the participation of stakeholders from industry, education, professional bodies, NGOs, international organizations, governments, etc. The survey consisted of interviews, focus groups and an online questionnaire survey. Since the survey launched in May 2020, during the five-month time, the project has successfully engaged with stakeholders from various types of organizations covering the entire value chain of the microelectronics sector. The results provided valuable inputs to forming the skill strategy.