METIS’s 2nd General Assembly to Mark Success of the First Year

Last week, Friday 6th November 2020, the project consoritum hosted the second General Assembly after one year since the project kicked off in November 2019. The meeting was attended by all consortium members via a conference call facilite. During the general assembly, Work Package (WP) Leaders of WP2 (DECISION), WP5 (CIMEA), WP6 and WP8 leader (SEMI Europe) have reported progress of the WPs and planned for the next stages. WP3 Leader (Technical University of Sofia) presented work plan for the WP as the WP will be kicked off in January 2021.

After one year, the project has successfully carried out all tasks planned for the first year and achieved all the milestones. In the next 6 months, the project will develop the first version of the METIS Skill Strategy. A first draft of the Skill Strategy is foreseen to be ready in January 2021. A workshop will be organised at the beginning of 2021 to invite all stakeholders to review and validate the draft strategy. The project will also work on defining training modules based on needs and technological trends identified by the survey of WP2.


Participants of the METIS call