Chips in Europe: Advancing innovation in the semiconductor industry

13th June, online webinar

The semiconductor industry innovates, and evolves,  by a simple creed: faster, greener, cheaper.

And while it might seem complex and costly to introduce novel technologies at every step of production, it is easier and more affordable than you think to implement change and gain an immediate return on investment.

Whether you need to manage fierce competition or cut innovation costs, EU-funded collaborations are your gateway to tackle complex technological challenges, address research opportunities and grow innovative approaches to drive technological improvement and increase profitability.

Join our experts and discover how EU-funded collaborations can help your company to stay ahead of the global competition!

  • EU-Funding Opportunities for the Semiconductor Ecosystem
  • Virtual Cross Metrology: Leveraging Process Sequence for Improved Process Characterization
  • Robots and Intelligent Mechatronics: Edge-to-Cloud Advancements for Resilient Manufacturing