Chips Act Workshop – How to Reverse the Semiconductors Skills Shortage?

During this workshop, participants discussed the next steps that need to be taken collectively to start reversing the semiconductors skills shortage in Europe.

European Chips Act

Europe is facing enormous skills and talent challenges in the area of semiconductors. The number of open vacancies for engineers and trained technicians is high. In the next years, this fast-paced industry will require constant reskilling and upskilling of an aging labor force. The semiconductors sector urgently needs to attract STEM graduates, but it scores lower than other sectors regarding workplace attractiveness and gender balance.

This interactive workshop brought together stakeholders from the industry, academia, and other relevant institutions dealing with skills in semiconductors. It aimed to create a dialogue, together with the Member States and the Commission, about what we need and what we can do starting from now in order to boost the acquisition and development of semiconductors skills in Europe, one of the five key objectives of the European Chips Act.

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