METIS Consortium Meeting in June 2023

The METIS Consortium gathered at the Robert Bosch base in Reutlingen, Germany on 13-14 June, 2023.

This meeting included presentations and discussions from consortium members on work packages and updates related to the project. The first day saw a discussion on the 3rd review evaluation, working progress discussion of all WPL, with overview of the remaining actions/tasks, in addition to a conversation on WP7 – Delivering on the long term action.

The second day featured two talks from Bosch: ‘“General training concept for future technologies and the best practice example: Litho Basis Training in the WaferFab” and ‘Qualification and Onboarding”. The day continued with discussions on the following Work Packages: Work Package 2 – planning of the next and last yearly monitoring update; Work Packages 3 + 4 – METIS courses; Work Package 5 – Quality Assurance; and Work Package 6 – Boosting dissemination with a METIS campaign.