EU Chips Skills Alliance Webinar

We are delighted to let you know that Silicon Saxony, a METIS consortium member, is hosting a webinar on the EU Chips Skills Alliance on September 28, at 3pm CEST. This event will introduce an evolving EU Chips Skills Alliance initiative aiming at building upon and sustaining the valuable results of the METIS project.

The goal of the EU Chips Skills Alliance is to establish a Europe-wide network to enable continuous exchange on skills trends in microelectronics, emerging profiles, and education and training opportunities. In addition, the aim is to connect the existing and emerging skills initiatives and projects to jointly strengthen the competitiveness of the European semiconductor industry on a global level and increase its visibility and attractiveness to international young talents.

This event is aimed at representatives of companies, educational institutions, research institutes and stakeholders who are committed to the future of the microelectronics industry in Europe and want to help position the industry in the global market and attract talented professionals.

More information on this webinar can be found on this link, and the registration page can be found here.