We were delighted to see the METIS project featured at SEMICON Europa in Munich in November. SEMICON is the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe, and broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain.

Promotional material related to the project was featured at the TechARENA, which featured talks related to pressing industry issues, such as the global talent shortage, and the crucial need to develop the industry leaders of tomorrow alongside onboarding new talent.

Christopher Frieling from SEMI Europe presented the European Chips Alliance, which is part of the METIS long-term action plan. The alliance aims to consolidate skills related activities, share best practices and build a strong network across Europe to jointly address the skills shortage and strengthen Europe´s competitiveness in the microelectronics sector. To join the alliance, you can express an interest on this link.

Our successor project, the European Chips Skills Academy, was presented by Victoria Cummings from SEMI Europe. The academy is composed of 18 partners from 11 countries and aims to create an alliance between educational systems (VET and HE) and the microelectronics industry to support the growth and innovation of the European microelectronics ecosystem.

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