Talent War Webinar: How can Europe avoid being left behind?

We are delighted to invite you to a webinar titled Talent War: How can Europe avoid being left behind? This is hosted under the banner of our successor project – the European Chips Skills Academy and will take place on February 16 2024, at 10am CET.

The shortage of skilled professionals is an issue that is of upmost priority to stakeholders to ensure the competitiveness of the microelectronics sector. Identifying and assessing the key metrics is fundamental to understand how we can begin to bridge the gap. In this respect, ECSA and the European Chips Skills Alliance are important initiatives to foster collaboration and strengthen the industry’s response to this need.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The talent gap by the numbers: how strong is today’s workforce and is the sector able to recruit sufficient talent?
  • The methodology being developed to forecast the impending talent and skills needs of the sector.
  • The challenges faced by industry leaders and their experiences in attracting and retaining talent.
  • How to get involved in the European Chips Skills Alliance, a network established to connect the various players along the talent pipeline and collaborate to address these challenges.

You can register on this link!