METIS develops a Learning-Outcome-based training Catalogue and Training for a total duration of 1,100 hours divided into four topics and covering EQF levels from 4 to 7.

Area Total Duration # of Modules EQF
1. Component Design 300 10 4 to 6
2. System Design 400 13 4 to 6
3. Basics of manufacturing 300 10 4 to 6
4. Key Competences & Innovative Thinking 100 10 5 to 7

METIS takes a “modular” approach, with each stand-alone module structured in a “Core Unit” of 30 to 50 hours duration integrated by “Satellite Units” of 10 to 15 hours duration.
Each module is a stand-alone block of training that can be delivered to the trainees autonomously, for upskilling and upgrading of skills and competences of an employee already working.

When delivered in conjunction with all the other Core Units, the training allows for the acquisition of the professional and occupational competences. As such, the METIS catalogue is “learners’ centred” as it can be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of the trainee depending on the professional and occupational expectations:

  • For those already working in the field of microelectronics, the stand-alone modules can be used for professional upgrading.
  • For those entering the labour market, the training can be delivered so as to cover the area (manufacturing, chip and/or system design) that provides the highest occupational opportunities depending on the current demand and real opportunities.

For a short overview on the METIS project and the catalogue of training and the general course flow, please see the following video.

Delivery means will encompass the spectrum of traditional face-to-face teaching methods, coupled with online delivery of digital content. METIS will include a considerable component of Work-Based Learning (WBL) that will be possible thanks to the involvement of VET and industry representatives. The METIS catalogue is complemented by the “Trainers’ Manual” that will provide operational guidelines and tools for the delivery of the training in diverse environments and settings, including the use of Open Educational Resources (online content) and WBL methods.

The training will be tested and validated by performing “test rounds” in all the educational partners and the enterprises representing the microelectronics industry. The testing and validation phase will involve at least 900 users (trainers and learners), and at least 2,000 users will use the METIS platform in the duration of the project.

The initial version of the METIS training will be available in Q1 2022. The final, validated training will be made accessible in Q3 2023, following the testing phase.