METIS Catalogue & Training

The METIS consortium develops a catalogue of training content and learning settings in the 4 main areas of microelectronics.

A. Component Design

Electronic components design for digital, analog or mixed-signal circuits, such as: information processing and storage, RF and microwaves, sensors (imaging, photonics, etc.) and actuators (MEMS etc).

B. System Design

Electronic systems design, such as: system-on-chip, system–in-package, hardware/software co-design.

C. Basics of Manufacturing

Basics of electronics manufacturing, such as: introduction to advanced materials, processing equipment, production process, testing, packaging, predictive/preventive services.

D. Key Competences and Innovative Thinking

Key Competences & Innovative Thinking that will cover the soft skills that are most required by the industry, such as problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork.


The structure of the METIS catalogue follows a modular approach. Each stand-alone module is structured in a “Core Unit” and “Satellite Units”. Each module is a stand-alone block of training that can be delivered to the trainees autonomously.

In the following we provide an overview on the different modules categorised by the four main areas of microelectronics. A list of all courses grouped by partners can be found here.


In the following you can download the deliverable D3.1 of the METIS project, explaining the catalogue and the trainings in detail.