METIS implements a new strategic approach to sectoral cooperation on skills for microelectronics by involving the key players across industry, education & training and regulatory/certification bodies.


Particularly, METIS will:

  1. Develop the Microelectronics Sector Skills Strategy to help match demand and supply of skills thanks to a methodology to assess, anticipate, monitor evolution of relevant skills, competences and occupations in microelectronics
  2. Define and refine occupational profiles based on existing competence frameworks and the ESCO classification system of skills, competences, qualifications and occupations. Depending on the technological and occupational evolutions in this fast-paced sector, METIS will pave the way for the development of microelectronics-specific competence framework(s).
  3. Introduce innovative learning-outcome-based VET curricula jointly developed by industry & education that are modular, dynamic and flexibly adjusted along the occupational profiles and the level of users so that it can serve new entrants (training) to incumbent workers (re-training)
  4. Benchmark and align the METIS curricula and training with ESCO, EQF and EQVET principles of quality and relevance.
  5. Enhance the visibility of the microelectronics sector as a professional option, hence reversing the negative trends of limited awareness of microelectronics in society. METIS will also tackle the gender dimension of employability in the sector, bridging the gender divide.
  6. Ensure durable impact and sustain project results beyond EU co-financing, through the establishment of the Microelectronics Observatory & Skills Council.


The METIS brochure can be downloaded here.